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May 21, 2017

There’s a beautiful haze settling around the setting sun. It’s summer, and you’re taking advantage of bright days and pleasant nights. What’s more, this year you’re prepared. No scrambling around for dead AA batteries or ready to drain your iPhone for its flashlight function once the sun hits the horizon. No, this year you’ve got the right gear to light up the night. But which LuminAID lantern is right for you? Click on the image below of your go-to summer activity, and findyour perfect post-sunset summer gear.

Beach Daze

A little picnic, the sound of lapping waves, and a mess of reds and pinks at sunset. Sand gets everywhere--including your little battery flashlight--but you’ve got your PackLite Spectra USB solar lantern. Durable and waterproof, neither sand nor wave can hinder the PackLite Spectra USB. It’s been charging all day in the warm sun, and after sunset you inflate it and in the soft light you continue the conversation well after the last rays sink below the horizon.

Lake life

A weekend getaway by the lake with the whole family--finally! The weather’s so warm that no one wants to leave the cool waters until well after dinner time. As night approaches, you grab the PackLite Nova USB that’s been charging on the shore, and once inflated you let it float on the lake around you as you enjoy the last rays of the day. Once it’s time to head back to the cabin, grab the handle and let the PackLite Nova USB shine light on the path all the way there.

Grilling out

When you do things, you do them right. “Go big or go home” is your personal motto. You’re bring people together, whether it’s around a campfire or with the family on the annual RV trip. So of course you have a PackLite Max USB handy for this week’s big grill out. You’re not about to try to finish grilling the burgers in the dark. Which is why you have this dependable lantern that will light up the whole grilling station, picnic table and more. Charge it from the USB port ahead of time for even more hours of bright light.

Music Festivals

You’re the light of the party, always ready to add a littlesomething to keep the fun going. For festivals, you always have your PackLite Spectra USB hooked to your bag. We’ll find you at the best summer festivals, flashing all PackLite Spectra’s colors and showing off your eco-friendly gear. Whether it’s a little mood lighting or a rainbow of color, you’ve always got the feel of the crowd just right. Hint: Also perfect for fireworks viewing...and finding your way back to the car after the show.  

Pool Party

Summer pool parties depend on you for success. Everyone knows you’ve got it down to a T. You’re practical, but not afraid to have a little fun. We’re not saying that this reputation is because you always have a few PackLite Spectra USBs to toss in the pool, but let’s just say they’re a big hit. The waterproof, floating lanterns change color at the click of a button, and everyone’s impressed that they’re solar powered. A few PackLite Spectra USBs, and the party doesn’t have to stop at sunset with these dunkable, sun-charged, color-changing pool lanterns.


Ah, the great outdoors! If only you’d arrived to the campsite alittleearlier to avoid putting up the tent in the dark. But, no worries! You’re prepared. You take out your PackLite Max USB, inflate it and hook it to a branch and you’re set. The tent goes up without a hitch. Like you, the PackLite Max USB is about utility, practicality, and durability. Even the rugged and dusty hike the next evening leave the PackLite Nova good as new--and ready to light the path back.

Road Tripping

This summer you’re going to be on the road, and you travel light (pun intended). “Waste not, want not” is your personal motto. For this big trip you’ve got to be prepared for anything that may come up on the next bend in the road. Flares, check. Spare tire, check. PackLite Max USB, check. When your tire goes out in the middle of Utah at night, you grab the PackLite Max USB to hook on the door as you work. It shines light over the whole scene, and fixing the tire is a synch.


Packing for a backpacking trip is about packingsmart. Before heading out on the big hike, you hook your PackLite Nova USB to your bag so it can charge as you conquer that next hill. 5 oz of rugged solar-charged light -- no way you’re messing around with batteries. The Nova USB was invented for disaster relief, so you know it’ll be durable enough for a long trip through the forest.

Prepping for summer storms

OK, so this isn’t exactly your favorite thing to do in the summer, but it’snecessary. Someone’s has to do it. But you’ve got the first aid kit packed away and have just slipped the PackLite Max USB into the kit. It’s been fully charged, so you know that if the lights go out, you can have over 50 hours of area lighting to depend on without worrying about matches or flashlight batteries.

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